Health Is A “Progressive” Process

Health Is A "Progressive" Process

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If you were to have one extra cheat meal or miss just one workout this month, your health probably wouldn’t be changed much at all. Someone doesn’t become unhealthy by eating one donut or missing just one workout. That’s because health is a progressive process that takes time!

And your spine works the same way!

You don’t develop a spine condition by sleeping on your neck wrong one night or from one long car ride. It‘s the accumulation of all of the little stressors on your spine over time that eventually results in the condition your spine gets in.

A person could be sitting all day, every day neglecting their spine and still feel great even though they are on their way to developing a spinal problem. This is because pain is the last symptom to show up!

Just like a person could eat an unhealthy diet filled with fast food and not realize they are on their way to a heart attack, someone could be neglecting their adjustments and be on their way to developing a spine problem.

By deciding to make your maintenance adjustments every week, you are not only reaping the benefits of a healthier nervous system, you are also preventing future spine arthritis and degeneration from forming down the road! Now your health will be progressing in the proper direction!

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